Rall Symposium 2017 Presentation

—by Nathan on May 18, 2017—

At North Central College's Rall Symposium a few days ago, I delivered a presentation on Warren Hamilton Lewis, the older brother of C.S. Lewis. Unfortunately, the video of this presentation cuts out at the beginning portion, but you still get most of it.

This presentation was the culmination of research that I did in Northern Ireland and England last summer, funded by a Richter Grant awarded to me by North Central. The research focused on exploring the childhood and adolescent years of Warren ("Warnie") and how they influenced his later life, as can be seen in the video. I wrote a series of blogs about the trip, a compilation of which can be found here. On top of the presentation, I also produced an essay covering Warren's life as part of an Independent Study last term.

Thanks to Anna for assisting with the slides.

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